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Fake Money, Real Danger

Protect Yourself and Grow Wealth While You Still Can

by the authors of New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Aftershock

John David Wiedemer, Ph.D.,

Robert A. Wiedemer and

Cindy S. Spitzer


Since the last edition of Aftershock in 2015 (Wiley & Sons), the financial markets have been on a wild up and down ride, yet the underlying conditions for the Aftershock have not changed.  In fact, they have only gotten worse.

Fake Money, Real Danger picks up where the Aftershock series left off.  With the Coronavirus bear market and a massive increase in money printing on top of the massive money printing that started in 2008,  we are getting close enough to the Aftershock to see very clearly just how FAKE our mirage of high value assets has been, based on FAKE stock market stimulus from money printing and FAKE economic stimulus from government borrowing.

While our prosperity is fake, the dangers are very real.  That’s why Fake Money, Real Danger includes the subtitle Protect Yourself and Growth Wealth While You Still Can.  We have developed a system for profiting significantly (far outperforming the S&P 500) before the Aftershock hits, while still being able to protect yourself during the Aftershock.  This proven system is currently in use and its stunning performance has been verified by a third-party performance tracking firm.
Even though the Federal Reserve will move strongly to try to save the market, that will also make it easier for some people to see what the Aftershock authors have already seen:  This market is heavily (almost entirely) supported by government stimulus – FAKE money.  Ultimately, there will be a very big stock market drop that the government won’t be able to reverse.

NOW is the time to protect yourself from what is ahead while also positioning yourself to take advantage of our extraordinary system for creating real wealth.

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